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Where's Babbitt Been?Justin 12�1�4-20-04��6:04�pm
DvdsRodmann 6�1�4-20-04��6:02�pm
LOVE THE SOUNDTRACK..NOT CRAZY ABOUT THE MOVIE..soul uprising 23�1�4-20-04��4:16�pm
Joe Tex A Underrated Soul LegendRandy Russi 11�1�4-20-04��3:43�pm
SOUL/FUNK WEB RADIOsoul uprising 1�1�4-20-04��3:36�pm
Jim Kelly (Actor)Stranger56 3�1�4-20-04��3:30�pm
Michael -vs- Jermainescandie 13�1�4-20-04��3:28�pm
In The Basement/Paul KellyRandy Russi 22�1�4-20-04��1:43�pm
What About The Big O ..............Nosey 6�1�4-20-04��12:31�pm
Le Tre Femmesteveat21 4�1�4-20-04��12:00�pm
Smokey on ETReese 2�1�4-20-04��11:14�am
Irv BiegelRandy Russi 4�1�4-20-04��11:07�am
"Nightflight" Tue 4/20 9P-12M EST "Motown's Legendary Ladies" ...Midnite Johnny 1�1�4-20-04��9:40�am
Leon Ware???? How come no mention??Don 21�1�4-20-04��8:44�am
THE PLATTERSJSmith 7�1�4-20-04��2:47�am
New Usersscandie 46�1�4-19-04��11:02�pm
LABEL PROFIL: YOU ARE CONNECTED TO DEFECTEDJuicefree20 11�1�4-19-04��9:47�pm
SOME BIRTHDAYSLady Mystique 2�1�4-19-04��9:11�pm
A Question For You SD's Who Are ParentsLady Mystique 9�1�4-19-04��8:55�pm
WHAT DANCE SONGS DO YOU LOVE?Lady Mystique 32�1�4-19-04��7:50�pm
Jamerson bass on eBaytsaneladi 22�1�4-19-04��6:43�pm
Any info please on Supremes.........Randy Russi 7�1�4-19-04��3:56�pm
Favorite All Time Top 15 Female Songs.......DyvaNaye 29�1�4-19-04��3:48�pm
Ben E KingRandy Russi 27�1�4-19-04��3:26�pm
ISLEY BROTHERS CD 3+3Lady Mystique 28�1�4-19-04��9:18�am
United Sound System Studio discography?David Meikle 13�1�4-19-04��8:20�am
Arranger Skip Lanemike s 4�1�4-19-04��6:27�am
Loleatta Holloway & Rochelle Flemming (first choice)mike s 2�1�4-19-04��5:57�am
Question/ Someday We�ll Be Togethertheboyfromxtown 21�1�4-18-04��10:36�pm
New Stephanie Mills CD soon to be released... tsaneladi 8�1�4-18-04��8:45�pm
Aretha Frankliln at B.B. King'stsaneladi 9�1�4-18-04��8:41�pm
Jobete @ Music Publishing questionLady Mystique 10�1�4-18-04��8:04�pm
Songs with Longivity...........Lady Mystique 32�1�4-18-04��8:01�pm
ANOTHER TECHNICAL PROBLEMLady Mystique 15�1�4-18-04��7:13�pm
Yvonne Baker and the SensationsLaurence 12�1�4-18-04��4:33�pm
PICS FROM ELIjohneflat 59�1�4-18-04��2:33�pm
The New Forum Juicefree20 21�1�4-18-04��12:33�pm
Funny soul mention in Kill Bill 2Lady Mystique 2�1�4-18-04��10:23�am
NEW ARTISTSTreble Clef 11�1�4-18-04��9:18�am
SPRING LOVELady Mystique 6�1�4-18-04��7:44�am
Did you ever attend a Jackson 5 concert?Lady Mystique 24�1�4-18-04��7:27�am
Kip Anderson articleSoul-Brother 3�1�4-18-04��2:53�am
Party songs that were popular in your neighborhood....Jimmy Mack 15�1�4-17-04��9:34�pm
Radio Showslenny 4�1�4-17-04��7:06�pm
What do those little names mean?Juicefree20 3�1�4-17-04��6:26�pm
Mel and then some!Tony.C. 28�1�4-17-04��5:23�pm
STUDIO TECHNOLOGYtsaneladi 8�1�4-17-04��4:21�pm
Dancing In The Streets of Halifax, EnglandShawn1 17�1�4-17-04��4:03�pm
Maurice Watts will interview Weldon A. Mc Dougal III to night in NYCLadyMystique 5�1�4-17-04��3:51�pm
The Elginstsaneladi 31�1�4-17-04��3:21�pm
Felt like joining in the fun...ralph 6�1�4-17-04��2:33�pm
Flick addressesacooolcat 3�1�4-17-04��10:09�am
Brother Isaiah, Where Are You???LadyMystique 3�1�4-17-04��8:44�am
How is Ms Taylor Rose?Juicefree20 4�1�4-17-04��12:26�am
O'Jays "Together We Are One"Greg C. 20�1�4-16-04��11:39�pm
Motown 45Shawn1 28�1�4-16-04��11:32�pm
Philadelphia Souls Legends Of The Air Waves,DvDWeldon A. Mc Dougal 11�1�4-16-04��10:15�pm
Theola KilgoreBrother Love 11�1�4-16-04��9:05�pm
~KURTIS BLOW!~LadyMystique 1�1�4-16-04��8:52�pm
Looking for some songs...DyvaNaye 5�1�4-16-04��8:50�pm
QUESTION FOR THE FORUMLadyMystique 7�1�4-16-04��7:18�pm
? for Eli....THe Sound of Philadelphia ArticleTreble Clef 1�1�4-16-04��5:31�pm
Ronnie dysonbigdaddyg2k4 16�1�4-16-04��5:11�pm
Are Men Unduly Stressed These Days?Larry 8�1�4-16-04��5:01�pm
A question for EliEdgar 16�1�4-16-04��4:39�pm
Michael Jackson has committed suicide!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Jackson hoax
David Meikle 15�1�4-16-04��1:48�pm
Hot Fun In The SummertimeRichard Felstead 2�1�4-16-04��1:35�pm
OTHER MOTOWN BASS-PLAYERSBankHouseDave 30�1�4-16-04��1:23�pm
TESTING TESTINGRitchie 46�1�4-16-04��12:57�pm
Unreleased Supremes, Vandellas, Caroline CrawfordRitchie 2�1�4-16-04��12:53�pm
A Chat With Danny Krivitjjl 1�1�4-16-04��12:30�pm
A Question For You SD"s Who Are ParentsGary 21�1�4-16-04��10:39�am
Grand Groove TEST!paulie3$hoes 10�1�4-16-04��10:29�am
For the guitar players .... Vic Doucette 9�1�4-16-04��10:14�am
Philly Sound ArticleTreble Clef 1�1�4-16-04��9:58�am
Between The Sun And The Moon - Brenda RussellMichael/Cleoharvey 4�1�4-16-04��7:57�am
Vivian Copeland & D'Oro RecordsRodmann 17�1�4-16-04��7:12�am
Tracks For Those Hot Summer Days (hopefully)BankHouseDave 8�1�4-16-04��6:32�am
Vintage Soul Radio Show Number 137roger 4�1�4-16-04��4:59�am
AFM Questioncranshaw62 1�1�4-16-04��3:38�am
In The Basement: Vernon Garrett Phil 5�1�4-16-04��2:45�am
MORE PHOTOS FROM DVDMIKEpaulie3$hoes 5�1�4-15-04��11:32�pm
Bobby Moore/Lou Johnson re-issueslenny 1�1�4-15-04��9:23�pm
Thanks DavidDavid Meikle 2�1�4-15-04��4:35�pm
Searching for Moody ScottChancellor of Soul 1�1�4-15-04��4:18�pm
CAN ANYONE ON THE FORUM HELP?BankHouseDave 1�1�4-15-04��3:48�pm
"NIGHTFLIGHT" Thu 4/15 1159P-3A EST.Final Dusty Tribute show...www....Midnite Johnny 1�1�4-15-04��12:29�pm
Deceased artists financial benefits?Nosey 8�1�4-15-04��12:18�pm
Ann Sextonkeeping soul alive 1�1�4-15-04��10:15�am
Henry Stone interviewEli 9�1�4-15-04��9:30�am
Carl Davismike s 7�1�4-15-04��6:03�am
Vintage Soul Radio ShowSoul-Brother 1�1�4-15-04��3:20�am
Tymes & Orlons in ConcertCowboy 1�1�4-15-04��1:48�am
GEATOR WITH THE HEATOREli 6�1�4-14-04��10:28�pm
Childhood Memories.......BankHouseDave 9�1�4-14-04��5:49�pm
Happy Birthday Al Green !bigdaddyg2k4 9�1�4-14-04��5:13�pm
Soulful detroit a Great Forum to be onbigdaddyg2k4 12�1�4-14-04��4:54�pm
'Heeey baby...' beach music bookGalactus 12�1�4-14-04��4:05�pm
Songs Inspired though movie lines.....Eli 16�1�4-14-04��1:55�pm
WYentikoff book&Sara Dash,the Jacksons etcKevin Goins - KevGo 12�1�4-14-04��1:25�pm
Let's Sing It Again...Or Maybe Notroger 21�1�4-14-04��1:14�pm
ELI..Eli 15�1�4-14-04��12:32�pm
Willie Walker New CDkeeping soul alive 1�1�4-14-04��9:43�am
Northern SoulFrankM 15�1�4-14-04��4:59�am
What ever happen to these OBSCURE artist's??Soul Sister 10�1�4-13-04��11:32�pm
LA Session Players - overdue propsTD 42�1�4-13-04��6:16�pm
Janet Jackson on SNLMilli Vanilli 7�1�4-13-04��3:53�pm
Alexander Patton............Soul-Brother 4�1�4-13-04��12:30�pm
Dave Hamilton/Joe Hunter tuneFlynny 1�1�4-13-04��9:14�am
Here's Some Record LablesFlynny 7�1�4-13-04��9:10�am
TemptationsHeikki 5�1�4-12-04��11:23�pm
HAPPY EASTER to all the SD posters!!!!!!!DyvaNaye 10�1�4-12-04��2:41�pm
Lawd Lawd Lawd!!!DyvaNaye 9�1�4-12-04��12:49�pm
Superb New D.V.D now Available.GrahamD 10�1�4-12-04��7:02�am
Johnny Bristol Rare TrackWonder B 7�1�4-11-04��5:51�am
IT'S A CHOKERBankHouseDave 5�1�4-11-04��5:05�am
Laura Lee In Sweden May 2004Heikki 4�1�4-10-04��11:53�pm
Pop Topsalphanguy 13�1�4-10-04��10:40�pm
Four Tops "Fourever"....TD 10�1�4-10-04��5:20�pm
HOWARD TATEjohn dixon 13�1�4-10-04��4:01�pm downTammi's Guy 3�1�4-10-04��2:36�pm
Welcome to the New SoulfulDetroit ForumTammi's Guy 60�1�4-10-04��4:59�am
THE LIST!Jimmy Mack 2�1�4-09-04��11:06�pm
A Question For You SD"s Who Are ParentsWonder B 2�1�4-09-04��10:49�pm
United Sound back with a bangLeo B 3�1�4-09-04��6:06�pm
TECHNICAL QUESTIONDestruction 10�1�4-09-04��5:59�pm
Jackie MoorePhil 9�1�4-09-04��4:46�pm
It's great to be herepaulie3$hoes 21�1�4-09-04��1:02�pm
Soulful radio you can listen to ANYTIME!davew 1�1�4-09-04��12:51�pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUNT( MY DAD)count 23�1�4-09-04��10:20�am
Is This Label The Detroit Label??????.............Davie Gordon 3�1�4-09-04��8:40�am
Bill Dahl on "the chitlin' circuit"theboyfromxtown 3�1�4-07-04��4:06�pm
Great looking forum!!Soul Sister 4�1�4-07-04��2:33�pm
Active Threads are Now Moving to the top.Lowell 2�1�4-07-04��11:55�am
The Sharpees and related connections........mel3�1�4-05-04��12:26�am
Profile & Font QuestionLowell 2�1�4-04-04��4:07�pm
The 60's Wthat A soulful EraLady Mystique 11�1�4-25-04��5:44�pm
Some of ya'll are in denial...Lady Mystique 7�1�4-25-04��5:16�pm
'Roots', 'Rock', 'Reggae', 'This a Reggae Music'...Lady Mystique 10�1�4-25-04��5:08�pm
What makes a song a hitLady Mystique 32�1�4-25-04��5:05�pm
TicketmasterLady Mystique 9�1�4-25-04��4:51�pm
TEST/ AMERICAN IDOLLady Mystique 22�1�4-25-04��4:40�pm
CAMEOLady Mystique 44�1�4-25-04��4:38�pm
A House On Fire The Rise And Full Of Philly SoulLady Mystique 19�1�4-25-04��4:24�pm
TATE BROTHERSLady Mystique 4�1�4-25-04��3:53�pm
Finger-snapping on tunesrovereab 26�1�4-25-04��3:50�pm
Country Blueslenny 7�1�4-25-04��12:33�pm
Thelma Houston "I Want To Go Back There Again"John Lester 4�1�4-25-04��9:07�am
Who remembers these tunes?sea 25�1�4-25-04��3:20�am
Soul event linkmpow 1�1�4-25-04��2:27�am
A nice man......A great performer.candymk 1�1�4-25-04��1:46�am
Mad Dog and the Pupssideburnslim 6�1�4-24-04��11:56�pm
Interesting Article About A Detroit Record LabelThe Chosen One 1�1�4-24-04��8:46�pm
A.C.Malcolm T 1�1�4-24-04��3:23�pm
FLAMING EMBER SESSIONSEli 9�1�4-24-04��2:15�pm
Little Carl Carlton one time undiscovered Jo Armstead 45's......mel6�1�4-24-04��1:29�pm
Little Jimmy ScottSoul Sister 13�1�4-24-04��9:27�am
JACKIE ROBINSON AS PORGY?dvdmike 8�1�4-23-04��10:10�pm
Singers/Musicians and their nicknames:Kevin Goins - KevGo 36�1�4-23-04��10:10�pm
Patti LaBelle and the BluebellesJimmy Mack 25�1�4-23-04��10:02�pm
The DEBS on Double-LNikki 9�1�4-23-04��8:46�pm
A 'DON' show...DyvaNaye 41�1�4-23-04��8:36�pm
INTERVIEW ALERT:Manhattans, Stylistics & Intruders tonigth..Soul Sister 5�1�4-23-04��8:24�pm
Malaco soulJimmy Mack 19�1�4-23-04��6:38�pm
HOB Records-Help NeededRon Murphy 8�1�4-23-04��5:32�pm
26 years ago this weekSoul Sister 2�1�4-23-04��5:22�pm
New SITSOM/Funk Brothers 2CD setMagyarEd 2�1�4-23-04��5:21�pm
Metro Times article on Bettye Lavetteralph 4�1�4-23-04��2:31�pm
Supremes lead-?DRIVINGWHEEL 26�1�4-23-04��12:38�pm
Joe Van Battle - JVB Records - The Twilighters - HelpS.R. 25�1�4-23-04��12:03�pm
Detroit related artists and things...........mel19�1�4-23-04��11:31�am
URBAN LEGENDSGOAT 11�1�4-23-04��10:51�am
Jeannie Reynolds on MainstreamSoul-Brother 39�1�4-23-04��8:25�am
The ExcitersTony Russi 16�1�4-23-04��8:19�am
Little Richard Okeh Recordings 1966-1967Tony Russi 11�1�4-23-04��8:17�am
Acetates and other info needed please..........Flynny 8�1�4-23-04��5:34�am
The Manhattans on...............Soul Sister 23�1�4-23-04��12:18�am
Favorite Temptations' LPcaliluv 42�1�4-23-04��12:16�am
List Your Top 15 Martha Reeves Solo SongsShawn1 15�1�4-22-04��11:49�pm
Out of curiosity...Morgan 6�1�4-22-04��11:40�pm
Dionne and RobertaJimmy Mack 12�1�4-22-04��8:43�pm
New Philly Compilationdramaticblue 20�1�4-22-04��8:15�pm
SMOKEY ROBINSON'S NEW ALBUM lenny 6�1�4-22-04��8:08�pm
Mustafa aka James Diggs of the Knight Brothers to Perform in LAKelly F 9�1�4-22-04��7:53�pm
MONEY, MONEY, MONEYNY-DELL-1 41�1�4-22-04��3:05�pm
BOBBY WOMACKPhil 23�1�4-22-04��2:27�pm
Tammi Terrell's backing singersDavid Meikle 9�1�4-22-04��2:03�pm
Flaming Embers w/Bobby Eli in Detroit to Recordralph 10�1�4-22-04��1:20�pm
A Question For Ritchie Harden Don 9�1�4-22-04��11:38�am
LATIMORE IS ALIVE!!!/Dade RecordsEva 16�1�4-22-04��9:01�am
RE-RELEASESHelene 5�1�4-22-04��9:01�am
Divas LiveRodmann 26�1�4-22-04��1:08�am
Ruth McFadden on GambleRodmann 16�1�4-22-04��1:01�am
Hear the interview of Weldon A. Mc Dougal III did on Maurice Watts ...Lady Mystique 14�1�4-21-04��11:53�pm
Ernesto Phillips of Starpoint R.I.P.Lady Mystique 8�1�4-21-04��11:50�pm
Supremes fantasy pictureLady Mystique 16�1�4-21-04��11:42�pm
Can someone please translate?Juicefree20 29�1�4-21-04��10:50�pm
WEDDING BELLSDyvaNaye 7�1�4-21-04��7:34�pm
Kontinentals doo wop dinner danceLynn Bruce 6�1�4-21-04��2:11�pm
Paul KellyRandy Russi 8�1�4-21-04��10:11�am
Who should be on Divas next year?J5 Collector 13�1�4-21-04��9:33�am
Label info etc required........Flynny 4�1�4-21-04��6:46�am
Motor City Serenade/ The Funk Brotherstsaneladi 3�1�4-21-04��6:30�am
A few obscurer 45's from other areas...........Flynny 2�1�4-21-04��6:18�am
Jackie Moorekeeping soul alive 5�1�4-21-04��4:17�am
USHERHelene 16�1�4-21-04��4:14�am
Pissed off..........Dayo 9�1�4-21-04��3:41�am
Lou Pridekeeping soul alive 2�1�4-21-04��3:36�am
Help!Brian T. 6�1�4-21-04��1:00�am
FOUR TOPS Album with NORMAN WHITFIELDMargieYa 3�1�4-20-04��7:30�pm
Searching the archivesdouglasm 1�1�4-17-04��7:25�am
DETROIT IN JULYLynn Bruce 6�1�4-05-04��11:24�am
The Invictus & Hot Wax Sessions (Compilations)SDF 8�1�4-27-04��2:11�pm
Donald Austin Album............mel5�1�4-27-04��1:34�pm
Cindy Gibson and The Tiffanys on Arctic Records...........mel6�1�4-27-04��9:24�am
Adventures on Randee Records........Davie Gordon 7�1�4-27-04��7:36�am
Harry balkRitchie 19�1�4-27-04��2:18�am
TRIBUTE TO R&B ARTISTS - Major event in DC in Junecount 5�1�4-26-04��9:39�pm
Metro Detroit & Windsor Soul 45 throwdown!!Soulaholic 9�1�4-26-04��8:22�pm
Martha and the vandellas in the mustang plantUptight 12�1�4-26-04��8:12�pm
In Living ColorJuicefree20 32�1�4-26-04��6:46�pm
Diana Ross & The Supremes w/The Tempts-On BroadwayUptight 2�1�4-26-04��5:57�pm
Mikki Farrow on Lead........BUNNERSOUL 6�1�4-26-04��4:45�pm
GM Recordsdouglasm 7�1�4-26-04��2:02�pm
Righteous Brothers articleJuicefree20 15�1�4-26-04��1:45�pm
Cotillion Records and there relevent connections(to us anyway)........Davie Gordon 22�1�4-26-04��1:18�pm
I Cant Dance To That Music Youre PlayingBradburger 17�1�4-26-04��1:10�pm
WEST SIDE STORYLoveChild 44�1�4-26-04��9:09�am
Andy Alonzomel2�1�4-26-04��7:49�am
Shirley AlstonRandy Russi 4�1�4-26-04��7:48�am
FREDDIE GORMAN, info??Robb_K 19�1�4-26-04��3:47�am
Vintage Soul Radio Show #138Soul-Brother 1�1�4-26-04��2:52�am
I would like your assistance.....alphanguy 8�1�4-26-04��1:38�am
Interview on Solar RadioIconsPen 3�1�4-26-04��1:02�am
Call and Answer songs...Mark Speck 28�1�4-25-04��11:16�pm
Heartbreakers....Jimmy Mack 2�1�4-25-04��10:26�pm
Happy Birthday, Collins!Tammi's Guy 8�1�4-25-04��10:19�pm
Smokey is Guest Dee Jaying on V98.7 in Detroit!!Soulaholic 1�1�4-25-04��8:22�pm
The Richard Pryor Show on DVD!!Lady Mystique 11�1�4-25-04��7:00�pm
HelloLady Mystique 18�1�4-25-04��6:59�pm
LOST PHOTOS FROM LAST SUMMER'S 'GIGS' Soul Sister 61�1�5-04-04��3:12�pm
A NOTE OF THANKSJuicefree20 8�1�5-04-04��2:25�pm
40 YEARS AGOroger 23�1�5-04-04��1:15�pm
LONG TIME NO ... SPOOKEY!! Richard Street IS no puppet!!SDF 25�1�5-04-04��12:48�pm
Lowell can we upload tunes????David Meikle 5�1�5-04-04��11:04�am
How Do I Find the Mike Hanks thread on the old forum?David Meikle 7�1�5-04-04��10:55�am
Nice new story Dave & LowellDavid Meikle 3�1�5-04-04��10:53�am
Hot Buttered Soul (Where were you?) Wonder B 28�1�5-04-04��10:32�am
Tech questionFrankM 2�1�5-04-04��5:28�am
Charmettes?Please Dont Kiss Me Againmel5�1�5-04-04��12:42�am
~Bakers Keyboard Lounge Anniversary~sideburnslim 9�1�5-04-04��12:22�am
Happy Birthday JAMES BROWNChancellor of Soul 9�1�5-03-04��9:31�pm
Bank House DaveDinelle 4�1�5-03-04��8:51�pm
Longest Tenured SingerStonewall 17�1�5-03-04��7:19�pm
Possibly O.T.-James McBride/"The Color Of Water"Eva 1�1�5-03-04��6:33�pm
Questions For 'The Chancellor of Soul' (...and Pop of Soul 2�1�5-03-04��6:08�pm
Vandalism & Today's KidsGOAT 21�1�5-03-04��4:59�pm
Blue-Eyed Soul !Steve 87�1�5-03-04��3:50�pm
The difference between Soulful Detroit Forum & Soul-Patrol'sJuicefree20 19�1�5-03-04��2:08�pm
Messages before the date of the message above are archivedLowell 1�1�5-03-04��12:11�pm
R&B that 'Preaches' inspriationDyvaNaye 15�1�5-03-04��11:17�am
Hey R&B Did you ever get out of the Lost Order Discussion thread?Lowell 5�1�5-03-04��11:15�am
Universal Mind(s) trackDayo 8�1�5-03-04��11:15�am
Who is this vocaliststillsoulin 1�1�5-03-04��10:36�am
Motown's String PlayersEli 12�1�5-03-04��4:44�am
Marvin Gaye on Ch 21Stonewall 2�1�5-03-04��3:53�am
Richard Street Interview Tonight Monday 4/26 10PMon RnB Showcase Spookey 3�1�5-02-04��11:01�pm
Tavares Brothers anyone?cawamor 36�1�5-02-04��10:30�pm
WHERE IS EVERYBODY????Juicefree20 102�1�5-02-04��8:02�pm
Ralph!!!!!!!! R&B, is lost in the lost order discussion threadJuicefree20 18�1�5-02-04��5:28�pm
JUST FOR FUN...THOUGHT I'D SHARE THISMoe 59�1�5-02-04��2:57�pm
Motown releases Master Band Tracks!John Barry Sheffield9�1�5-02-04��1:15�pm
What Songs Do You Play The MostRobb_K 15�1�5-02-04��1:02�pm
RAY CHARLES - UpdateNikki 11�1�5-02-04��12:56�pm
Southern Cali Is Over Priced and Crowded Now!Allen 6�1�5-02-04��11:39�am
My Site Launched Last Night/Teena Marie Release May 11IconsPen 5�1�5-02-04��8:40�am
Geographic makeup?Robb_K 100�1�5-02-04��7:07�am
IM FEELING A VIBRATION FROM TEXAS!!!Wonder B 14�1�5-02-04��5:35�am
Detroit/Philly/Chicago related...........Heikki 27�1�5-02-04��5:33�am
Medusa asked an interesting question on Friday........Eva 6�1�5-02-04��1:51�am
Can A Love Song Be A Inspiration For A RelationshipJuicefree20 8�1�5-02-04��1:46�am
Deon Jackson~medusa~ 4�1�5-02-04��1:00�am
Showtime At The Apollo on nowSoul Sister 13�1�5-01-04��10:22�pm
American Idol TonightJuicefree20 143�1�5-01-04��8:05�pm
Celebrity ObsessionJuicefree20 1�1�5-01-04��7:56�pm
Robert Bateman in NY-Atlantic/Correc-Tone connectionRobb_K 36�1�5-01-04��7:41�pm
ApologiesJuicefree20 8�1�5-01-04��12:21�pm
American Idol, Something is wrong with your countJohn Barry Sheffield16�1�5-01-04��8:24�am
Happy Birthday to my Liberty BelleDinelle 8�1�5-01-04��7:44�am
Some jazz...Wonder B 1�1�5-01-04��6:12�am
Parliaments and Pat LewisEddie 24�1�5-01-04��4:18�am
Eddie Kendricks and The TemptationsLady Mystique 22�1�4-30-04��10:44�pm
A New York City Blast From The PastSoul Sister 22�1�4-30-04��9:42�pm
***LOOKING FOR GIT AND SUPREMES' ED SULLIVAN PERFORMANCES!!!***...LoveChild 6�1�4-30-04��8:33�pm
Lenny Curtis with..........mel1�1�4-30-04��8:27�pm
Nashville R&B/exhibition/lecturesFred 11�1�4-30-04��6:40�pm
Pistol Allen's unfinished web pageJuicefree20 5�1�4-30-04��4:59�pm
The Precisions backed by Lou Ragland?..................mel3�1�4-30-04��4:40�pm
Fantasia on American Idol.Livonia Ken 16�1�4-30-04��4:33�pm
Favorite Pop Tunes.....Manny 10�1�4-30-04��2:08�pm
Learning about those who paved the way...Kevin Goins - KevGo 2�1�4-30-04��10:50�am
Question: I Heard It Through The GrapevineFunk Timo 4�1�4-30-04��8:09�am
The Velvelettes and the Miracles in the UKTony Russi 8�1�4-30-04��7:43�am
Rare Motown SinglesFlynny 35�1�4-30-04��6:53�am
How many different groups have been formed using the same name?roger 23�1�4-30-04��5:24�am
Arriviste and it's definitionsea 23�1�4-30-04��4:27�am
James Carter live at Bakers in the Dsideburnslim 1�1�4-30-04��2:50�am
Bobby Hutton......Recording Material For His New CD !JSmith 5�1�4-30-04��2:35�am
**SHIRLEY BASSEY**mhc 7�1�4-30-04��12:44�am
Gloria GaynorJuicefree20 22�1�4-30-04��12:29�am
NEW CLASSIC GROUP'S LAW Juicefree20 11�1�4-30-04��12:15�am
There's No Me Without You / That's How Much I Love You ...Twofer's ...Soul Sister 14�1�4-29-04��8:19�pm
Village Of LoveS.R. 4�1�4-29-04��5:26�pm
Utrecht 2004Soul-Brother 1�1�4-29-04��3:33�pm
Mary Wilson at Rock Hall tonightDon 7�1�4-29-04��11:16�am
David Ruffin and the TemptationsDon 54�1�4-29-04��10:58�am
Peabo and rubenSudi Kamau 7�1�4-29-04��10:09�am
ABC TV.........The Place To Be..Chancellor of Soul 20�1�4-29-04��9:08�am
On This Exact Day In Soul Chart History....Sat, April 24, 1971Chancellor of Soul 15�1�4-29-04��9:04�am
Favorite Smokey Robinson & The Miracles cuts.....sea 31�1�4-29-04��4:37�am
Kenny burrell on fortune recordssideburnslim 3�1�4-28-04��11:59�pm
CBS & NBC Shows ...........Lady Mystique 12�1�4-28-04��9:40�pm
Did anyone see entertainment tonight?Lady Mystique 9�1�4-28-04��9:35�pm
MUSICAL DREAMSLady Mystique 12�1�4-28-04��9:23�pm
SCHOOL HOUSE ROCKLady Mystique 35�1�4-28-04��9:04�pm
Three Mo' Tenors65memories 5�1�4-28-04��7:57�pm
Gloria Estefan on Idol tonightDyvaNaye 14�1�4-28-04��6:55�pm
*****�GAMBLE-HUFF� LABEL OF THE 80'S*****...Greg C. 9�1�4-28-04��5:34�pm
Any sweet memories of dad?SisDetroit 32�1�4-28-04��5:22�pm
Cody Black Kevin Goins - KevGo 12�1�4-28-04��4:52�pm
Ed WolfrumDon 16�1�4-28-04��12:34�pm
PHOTOS FROM APRIL 'GIGS' JIMMY SCOTT & OTHER ARTISTSSoul Sister 82�1�4-28-04��12:21�pm
Tears of a clown - 2 mixes??roger 8�1�4-28-04��10:44�am
The Charmainesmel2�1�4-28-04��12:13�am
FOUR TOPS Live in Paris DVDdeyvideo 5�1�4-27-04��11:53�pm
Joes Messina and Hunter on TV todayThe Chosen One 9�1�4-27-04��6:00�pm
Country SoulSDF 47�1�4-27-04��5:24�pm
Soulful Detroit 45 Collectors Club (SD45CC) Motown Chapter tonight!...Ritchie 4�1�4-27-04��3:31�pm
Ignore first thread regarding entertainment tonightJuicefree20 2�1�4-27-04��2:33�pm
Whistle while you work (and play) WCOS INTERNET RADIODyvaNaye 10�1�4-27-04��2:32�pm
TRAN-SISTERS on Pickwick Citylenny 4�1�4-27-04��2:23�pm
New Stevie Wonder CD due out June 8, 2004 !?! lenny 16�1�4-27-04��2:18�pm
Barney Hoskyns on country souljohn dixon 2�1�5-04-04��5:20�pm
Comment/Question for the moderators...............Stonewall 3�1�5-16-04��1:26�pm
***ASSISTING BERRY GORDY*** ~medusa~ 3�1�5-16-04��12:06�pm
**STACEY LATTISAW**Don 17�1�5-16-04��11:00�am
The Vibrations/Marathons.........Don 11�1�5-16-04��10:12�am
"MY GUY" BY MARY WELLS #1 40 yrs ago todayStonewall 35�1�5-16-04��4:28�am
The BeatlesStonewall 53�1�5-16-04��3:12�am
VINTAGE BILLBOARD MAGAZINE PROMO ADSdvdmike 44�1�5-15-04��8:17�pm
Soul Sister - Is Back All Up In The HouseSoul Sister 6�1�5-15-04��7:10�pm
South Africa To Host World Cup - 2010GO_GET_GONE_GIRL 1�1�5-15-04��6:23�pm
MOTOWN vs HO TOWNStonewall 27�1�5-15-04��1:22�pm
What Does/Did TAMLA stand for?Stonewall 9�1�5-15-04��12:32�pm
PHOTOS FROM JIMMY SCOTT 'TOUR OF JAPAN' JULY 2003Soul Sister 55�1�5-15-04��11:05�am
Vintage Soul Radio Show ..... Number 139Soul-Brother 7�1�5-15-04��6:46�am
JockoSoul Sister 14�1�5-15-04��12:08�am
HIB and Hurdy-GurdyHeikki 42�1�5-14-04��11:33�pm
Detroit Music Festival~medusa~ 2�1�5-14-04��10:50�pm
ITunes taps the Motown vaultRobb_K 2�1�5-14-04��9:17�pm
Email AddressStonewall 6�1�5-14-04��6:47�pm
Disco Lady ( The Making Of The First Platinum Single)Chancellor of Soul 14�1�5-14-04��5:35�pm
Music that makes you laugh... 'The Parody Songs'....Juicefree20 21�1�5-14-04��4:20�pm
Gotta have that FunkGO_GET_GONE_GIRL 1�1�5-14-04��2:34�pm
Cha-Tok RecordsFlynny 12�1�5-14-04��1:38�pm
Bad Word from The Spinners???jrlo 3�1�5-14-04��1:01�pm
PHOTOS FROM DVDMIKELady Mystique 23�1�5-14-04��12:23�pm
Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah!!!Lady Mystique 11�1�5-14-04��12:21�pm
Remember Creative Source?jrlo 13�1�5-14-04��11:32�am
The ROBERT WEST StoryKeith Rylatt 25�1�5-14-04��5:41�am
"Nightflight" Thu May13,1159P-3A EST RARE Motown/ R& BCharise 5�1�5-14-04��2:02�am
Question: Why is it Motown 45???Ducky 14�1�5-14-04��12:45�am
Aint No Mt High Enough and ValerieJuicefree20 4�1�5-13-04��11:21�pm
FLAMING EMBER UPDATE !!!!!!!!Eli 109�1�5-13-04��11:20�pm
Motown 45 - HELP NEEDED A.S.A.PJuicefree20 8�1�5-13-04��10:15�pm
DDDDDDRAMATICALLY YOURSSSSSSSJuicefree20 45�1�5-13-04��8:46�pm
Bobby and RobertJimmy Mack 3�1�5-13-04��8:03�pm
Name a Song that expresses an EMOTION!!!AlwaysListening 26�1�5-13-04��7:55�pm
The Detroit CobrasSteve K 8�1�5-13-04��3:16�pm
Case of Time - "Manifesto" Northern stomperLeo B 3�1�5-13-04��12:00�pm
Breakfast CerealDyvaNaye 35�1�5-13-04��9:44�am
"Motown' UK COllection"Don 6�1�5-13-04��8:14�am
"Just Be Yourself" LaBrenda Ben & the AndantesCool Ju 5�1�5-13-04��3:01�am
Happy Mother's Day To All Of The Ladies Who Are Mother'sLady Mystique 16�1�5-12-04��10:12�pm
May 13th--Mary & Stevie were bornLady Mystique 6�1�5-12-04��10:10�pm
Damon Harris Was The Closest Tenor Next To Eddie KendricksLady Mystique 15�1�5-12-04��10:08�pm
CARTOONSLady Mystique 176�1�5-12-04��9:27�pm
Favorite 80's Jams.........Lady Mystique 26�1�5-12-04��9:17�pm
What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Songs EverBless You 27�1�5-12-04��9:14�pm
PRINCE-MUSICOLOGYLady Mystique 43�1�5-12-04��9:07�pm
LUTHERLady Mystique 28�1�5-12-04��9:02�pm
'I'll Always Love My Momma'.......Lady Mystique 59�1�5-12-04��8:55�pm
Happy Birthday Jimmy RuffinLady Mystique 10�1�5-12-04��8:49�pm
Funk Brothers sued by film producersLady Mystique 37�1�5-12-04��8:41�pm
What ever happen to these groups???Soulaholic 29�1�5-12-04��8:35�pm
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO D*TRAIN?Lady Mystique 30�1�5-12-04��8:12�pm
Can there be another music era?ralph 17�1�5-12-04��8:09�pm
Ossie Davis and Ruby DeeLady Mystique 14�1�5-12-04��7:57�pm
Happy Birthday Johnnie TaylorLady Mystique 17�1�5-12-04��7:55�pm
R.I.P. Clement "Sir Coxsone" DoddLady Mystique 3�1�5-12-04��7:47�pm
New York version of Funks?Robb_K 13�1�5-12-04��7:42�pm
RegistrationRobb_K 7�1�5-12-04��7:20�pm
Is Classic Soul Really Getting The Exposure That It ShouldChancellor of Soul 13�1�5-12-04��5:49�pm
The Five Du Tones Review Show................Jimmy Mack 5�1�5-12-04��5:20�pm
Dionne Warwick - When will we ever get a Luxury CD Box Set?Reese 12�1�5-12-04��2:57�pm
Screenplay FinishedCam 5�1�5-12-04��8:58�am
Linda Di & Mariah: Two Divas With Juice - You Are There...ALMOSTStonewall 13�1�5-12-04��4:02�am
UMe Offers Motown's First 45 Singles Plus 45 Hard-to-Find Motown Al...Cool Ju 4�1�5-12-04��12:42�am
Hip-Hop SamplesJuicefree20 32�1�5-12-04��12:37�am
Linda Hopkins,DEE DEE SHARP,Freda Payne,MAXINEStonewall 3�1�5-11-04��11:58�pm
This Time I'll Be Sweeter..who did it first?....LINDA LEWIS?Eli 6�1�5-11-04��11:14�pm
Sly & The Family Stone - Are Up GO_GET_GONE_GIRL 2�1�5-11-04��9:19�pm
Two new Temptations tracks to sampleJuicefree20 7�1�5-11-04��7:30�pm
Juice here is Fredia's number!!!Stonewall 45�1�5-11-04��6:40�pm
MARTHA REEVES and the Vandellas unreleased 150Stonewall 20�1�5-11-04��6:31�pm
Fave Top 10 Tempts singlesStonewall 11�1�5-11-04��6:19�pm
Yikes--I meant Jeannie Tracy not Jeannie Seely in other postWonder B 4�1�5-11-04��4:21�pm
To the Moderators of this site...David Meikle 9�1�5-11-04��2:45�pm
Any info please on these.............Robb_K 4�1�5-11-04��1:55�pm
BERRY BANKING ON MOTOWN PLAY - "Just - Ain't No Mountain High Enoug...whatchulookinat 14�1�5-11-04��10:53�am
Tavares UPDATE: Please watch America's Most WantedVonnie 27�1�5-11-04��8:30�am
Motown Albums For Radio Stations Only...............Wonder B 6�1�5-11-04��4:41�am
What should the caption be??? A New Game!!Charise 27�1�5-11-04��1:10�am
Errggh - The Next Generation!Juicefree20 200�1�5-10-04��11:26�pm
The Triumphant Return of......Anita Baker!Jimmy Mack 3�1�5-10-04��11:18�pm
Anyone recall the original track sequence on The O'Jays' "Comin' Th...Robb_K 8�1�5-10-04��7:01�pm
Carolyn Crawford,Smokey Robinson ,Diana Ross,Martha ReevesJimmy Mack 11�1�5-10-04��5:04�pm
Juice free check your email!Juicefree20 4�1�5-10-04��4:42�pm
The Sweethearts of SIGMA,Carla Yvette and BarbaraBrother Love 11�1�5-10-04��4:20�pm
Hugh Masekela - The Father of African JazzErik T 11�1�5-10-04��4:02�pm
Any news on the PHILLY MUSIC ARCHIVES label?philly trammp 3�1�5-10-04��3:08�pm
SDF's reaction to OPRAH's guest: LUTHER Greg C. 7�1�5-10-04��2:25�pm
Golden World on Davison Being DemolishedJuicefree20 62�1�5-10-04��1:42�pm
Tootsie Rollers.............Robb_K 9�1�5-10-04��1:33�pm
Happy Bithday Tyrone DavisSF3000 9�1�5-10-04��12:21�pm
Midnight Plane To Houstonroger 7�1�5-10-04��11:56�am
MOTOWN white label rare are they? hmmmnPhil 15�1�5-10-04��11:02�am
~S O W E T O~ Heikki 3�1�5-10-04��10:33�am
What's the FUNKIEST TUNE you know????Wonder B 124�1�5-10-04��4:10�am
Unissued Tracks..............John Lester 13�1�5-10-04��3:32�am
"Soulful Diva Sessions -with Attitude ,from the 60s & 70s"Jimmy Mack 2�1�5-09-04��10:48�pm
CISSY HOUSTON, Melba Moore , Jennifer HolidayShawn1 3�1�5-09-04��9:02�pm
SD Funding let's not forget ...Juicefree20 20�1�5-09-04��8:14�pm
JUDY CLAY & SONLaBrenda 9�1�5-09-04��11:38�am
Norman Whitfield - Four Tops Produced AlbumJohn Barry Sheffield1�1�5-09-04��11:34�am
The one and only LEVI STUBBS Jr - Portrait Photo?John Barry Sheffield1�1�5-09-04��11:30�am
YOUR FAVE JAZZ FUNK / FUSION TRACKSmel27�1�5-09-04��11:12�am
The Imperial Show Stoppers Band.........mel5�1�5-09-04��7:22�am
Brenda Holloway/My Love is Your LoveMidnite Johnny 11�1�5-08-04��10:54�pm
Question ? How do you download a picture ?Stonewall 8�1�5-08-04��9:46�pm
Good Time Jazz............Robb_K 2�1�5-08-04��7:26�pm
Name That Song/GroupStonewall 9�1�5-08-04��4:09�pm
G.C. Cameron's Mowest LP ??Weldon A. Mc Dougal 3�1�5-08-04��4:02�pm
Deep Temptations questionsSisDetroit 13�1�5-08-04��2:58�pm
MOTOWN VIDEOS - The Glorious DaysGO_GET_GONE_GIRL 1�1�5-08-04��2:21�pm
Jeanie SeeleyJimmy Mack 1�1�5-08-04��12:53�pm
Formerly of the HarlettesLaBrenda 16�1�5-08-04��9:47�am
Bettye winsLaBrenda 23�1�5-08-04��9:39�am
Just So You'll KnowNosey 6�1�5-08-04��9:28�am
Scherrie & Susaye's LUVBUG!LaBrenda 26�1�5-08-04��8:49�am
Record manufacturing and pressing technical article.Robb_K 2�1�5-08-04��12:39�am
Soulful trip planning- Indianapolis and Chicago in Junephilly trammp 12�1�5-07-04��10:09�pm
Question for musicians who play for churches....ralph 8�1�5-07-04��9:52�pm
Battle Of The Groups !!Manny 26�1�5-07-04��7:49�pm
~SECULAR ARTISTS TO GOSPEL ARTISTS~Linda Di. 22�1�5-07-04��6:31�pm
I have a question reguarding Motown 25T.L. Harris 4�1�5-07-04��5:10�pm
THE SPINNERS / THE WHISPERSNosey 16�1�5-07-04��11:07�am
For Soul Brother - The Dells Thread!TD 19�1�5-07-04��11:06�am
Red missed the Big Band contestReese 9�1�5-07-04��10:05�am
Brown Eyed 'Pop.'...Stonewall 38�1�5-07-04��3:19�am
New Uptown Theater in PhiladelphiaJuicefree20 42�1�5-06-04��11:30�pm
Cheryl LynnJuicefree20 27�1�5-06-04��7:20�pm
THE ANTHOLOGYUptight 3�1�5-06-04��7:07�pm
Question for All forum musicians, especially from Motown!Juicefree20 30�1�5-06-04��6:02�pm
Otis Redding--greatest?Juicefree20 16�1�5-06-04��5:16�pm
Favorite Top 7 Songs * JUDY CLAYFlynny 4�1�5-06-04��4:15�pm
�����NOTH BAY CATALOGUE�����Manny 10�1�5-06-04��4:11�pm
Jackson SistersSF3000 18�1�5-06-04��3:13�pm
Stacey Stacy Francis from the ex-girlfriendsLaBrenda 1�1�5-06-04��12:09�pm
Top 20 Girl Group records(If u dont like top 20 lists dont read:-) )...Tony Russi 31�1�5-06-04��9:10�am
Lady Mystiquesideburnslim 3�1�5-06-04��1:04�am
Motownmusictopper 1�1�5-05-04��9:54�pm
The McKinleys and CakeRobb_K 5�1�5-05-04��9:28�pm
Now Playing.......Nosey 31�1�5-05-04��7:10�pm
The Art Bell Radio Show And KPFKscandie 11�1�5-05-04��2:22�pm
The Nu Tones............mel1�1�5-05-04��9:54�am
Lonnet interview on WB20 in Detroit nowdjdetroit 4�1�5-05-04��9:49�am
Vegas in May - tips anyone?einnod23 14�1�5-04-04��11:55�pm
WHAT AN IDIOT!!Shawn1 46�1�5-04-04��11:25�pm
45 Shindig in DetroitJuicefree20 78�1�5-04-04��9:12�pm
WELCOME BACK SOULFUL DETROIT!!!paulie3$hoes 12�1�5-24-04��11:27�am
DollsDavie Gordon 8�1�5-24-04��10:54�am
NICK AND JESSICAralph 1�1�5-24-04��9:58�am
Jamerson "Never Gonna Give You Up."JMM 25�1�5-24-04��9:57�am
Lee Williams And The CymbalsDavid Meikle 3�1�5-24-04��9:42�am
Sir Mack RicePhil 9�1�5-24-04��6:56�am
A Blue Light Basement PartyDestruction 12�1�5-23-04��9:15�pm
"Motown acts are too old" is no excuse.....einnod23 49�1�5-23-04��9:04�pm
Vintage Soul Radio Show # 140Juicefree20 2�1�5-23-04��9:02�pm
ONLY THE GOOD THINGS ABOUT MOTOWN 45janebse 34�1�5-23-04��9:00�pm
SD45CC Motown Chapter - May get together info!!!Soulaholic 36�1�5-22-04��6:31�pm
Is The Cost Of Our Music Too ExpensiveJuicefree20 15�1�5-22-04��5:02�pm
BILLBOARD'S R&B CHART - NAME CHANGESJuicefree20 37�1�5-22-04��4:49�pm
The VanDykes Underrated But Was A Classic Soul ActFlynny 13�1�5-22-04��3:06�pm
Rest In Peace Felix Unger....einnod23 11�1�5-22-04��12:32�pm
Help! Whats this Motown goodie?Jimmy Mack 14�1�5-22-04��11:36�am
Phil Spector arrested--again!Jimmy Mack 13�1�5-22-04��11:24�am
New Teena Marie Album-Listen Here!Jimmy Mack 6�1�5-22-04��11:19�am
It looks like Fantasia's A Winner!!!Vonnie 36�1�5-22-04��10:07�am
JIMI HENDRIX - A Musical Genius - Or Just A Great Guitar Player?GO_GET_GONE_GIRL 37�1�5-22-04��9:44�am
The Murder of a Singer - Starving For love - Marvinzaya 13�1�5-22-04��7:38�am
Valerie Simpson aka Tammi Terrell on "Easy" RecordingsUptight 17�1�5-22-04��7:16�am
Top 10 Cameo/Parkway singlesRobb_K 13�1�5-22-04��5:43�am
What Movies make you bawl like a baby?~medusa~ 48�1�5-22-04��2:08�am
LIZ LANDS don't count me out!...midnight johnnyJoe Moorehouse 22�1�5-21-04��11:28�pm
Y'all Didn't Think Wayne Brady.......Don 24�1�5-21-04��10:28�pm
Fave Marvelous Marvelettes top 10 singles--Motowns Underrrated Soul...Boynextdoor 46�1�5-21-04��10:12�pm
The LOVELITESDon 33�1�5-21-04��10:08�pm
UPTOWN ~ DOWNTOWN~ACROSS THE TRACK~medusa~ 19�1�5-21-04��7:25�pm
Motown Jam Session~medusa~ 2�1�5-21-04��7:13�pm
Question for Bobby Eli: Ain't No Stopping Us NowManny 23�1�5-21-04��7:00�pm
******30 th ANNIVERSARY OF �SHIP AHOY� LP******...Manny 15�1�5-21-04��6:53�pm
WB Superstars USA on WB Ch 11Juicefree20 5�1�5-21-04��6:21�pm
**HEY CHECK THIS OUT!!**Juicefree20 5�1�5-21-04��5:46�pm
Message songsManny 27�1�5-21-04��5:45�pm
On this day in 1974............................DyvaNaye 9�1�5-21-04��5:01�pm
Switch Vs The Time ?Destruction 13�1�5-21-04��4:20�pm
Favorite Greatest Hits LPDestruction 25�1�5-21-04��4:15�pm
New soul45 siteFlynny 4�1�5-21-04��1:45�pm
From Vinyl & CassettesTo The Burner - Detroit & Motown!!!!!!Don 2�1�5-21-04��12:35�pm
After the MOTOWN show last nite...comments likes,dislikesTony Russi 95�1�5-21-04��12:01�pm
I SING 4 LUV STARRING FREDA PAYNE(PLAY) AND CO.stone love 6�1�5-21-04��10:17�am
MELBA MOORE RECORDINGSthe crazy dutchman 33�1�5-21-04��6:18�am
Countdown to May 17 for "MOTOWN 45"Stonewall 118�1�5-21-04��5:22�am
Headlights ** MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLASStonewall 18�1�5-21-04��4:00�am
Blinky Williams will be 60 on 21st May 2004Stonewall 12�1�5-21-04��3:22�am
American Idol Results !!!!!!! PleaseJohn Barry Sheffield1�1�5-21-04��3:21�am
**ALI OLLIE WOODSON'S NEW CD**the crazy dutchman 23�1�5-21-04��2:32�am
Francis Albert Sinatra Destruction 17�1�5-21-04��12:06�am
Favorite B SidesDestruction 34�1�5-20-04��11:30�pm
Review of KevGo's projectJuicefree20 15�1�5-20-04��7:02�pm
The Heads Are Back!Bradburger 1�1�5-20-04��6:56�pm
Wilson Pickett in Philly Question Erik T 12�1�5-20-04��3:39�pm
What Ever Happen To Helena FurgersonDavid Meikle 5�1�5-20-04��2:01�pm
JR Walker And King Curtis Great Saxiphone PlayersKdubya 7�1�5-20-04��12:03�pm
Brit Price Insanity Reaches the 1980s.Davie Gordon 3�1�5-20-04��11:33�am
R.I.P. ELVIN JONESzaya 13�1�5-20-04��6:27�am
Alton McClain and Destinymarv 26�1�5-19-04��10:22�pm
30 Years ALREADY?!...a/k/a - 'It Happened in 1974'Manny 12�1�5-19-04��5:58�pm
Sideburn Slim's United Sound article in Metro TimesEli 8�1�5-19-04��5:39�pm
- DAUGHTERS OF SOUL -Common 3�1�5-19-04��3:44�pm
Your favorite LIVE albums...Wonder B 55�1�5-19-04��12:51�pm
Happy Birthday......JANET DAMITA JO JACKSON!!!!Lady Mystique 3�1�5-19-04��12:31�pm
Any Houstonians in dah house?Wonder B 1�1�5-19-04��5:23�am
Question..... Can Y'all help me?P.J. 6�1�5-19-04��5:22�am
Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)Tony.C. 3�1�5-19-04��3:28�am
JUNE & BONNIE POINTER CRACK UP!!!whatchulookinat 65�1�5-18-04��11:21�pm
Donna Summer earliest disco star....not them plsJuicefree20 34�1�5-18-04��10:55�pm
Motown? Or 'Ghostown 45' Chi Drummer 29�1�5-18-04��9:03�pm
HOUSE RULES!!!Juicefree20 19�1�5-18-04��8:59�pm
MOANMAN Poet Laureate "Installing Love"........Soul Sister 11�1�5-18-04��8:41�pm
Most Recorded Motown SongTD 32�1�5-18-04��6:41�pm
Dancer June Taylor passes awaySoul Sister 3�1�5-18-04��5:26�pm
FANTASIA'S DISCO PERFORMANCEWonder B 8�1�5-18-04��5:14�pm
Herb and Peaches and Peaches and Peaches etcJuicefree20 51�1�5-18-04��3:26�pm
Frank Sinatra Dead 6 Years Ago TodayStranger56 7�1�5-18-04��1:00�pm
Martha Reeves on IN CONCERT and Midnight Special Shawn1 4�1�5-18-04��12:27�pm
"Nightflight" Tues 5/18 9P-12M EST ALL FUNK Johnny 1�1�5-18-04��9:32�am
"ROLLING DOWN A MOUNTAINSIDE" - 30 YEARS OLD TODAYdvdmike 6�1�5-18-04��6:58�am
"FOREVER CAME TODAY" BY THE JACKSON 5Charise 14�1�5-18-04��12:39�am
Up The Ladder To The Roofmarv 69�1�5-17-04��11:24�pm
It's All in the Mind.......Juicefree20 13�1�5-17-04��10:33�pm
What's teddy pendergrass up to ?Juicefree20 14�1�5-17-04��5:33�pm
Erma FranklinSDF 28�1�5-17-04��5:32�pm
TECH QUESTIONJuicefree20 41�1�5-17-04��3:38�pm
Missing Barry Whitedrums 35�1�5-17-04��3:37�pm
The Orlons, Rosetta HightowerRandy Russi 16�1�5-17-04��3:13�pm
JT Taylor,Thelma Houston,Loleatta,Candi Staton,MS MARTHA WASH..satu...LaBrenda 6�1�5-17-04��2:34�pm
Apologies to Stonewall and Boy From CrosstownBless You 7�1�5-17-04��1:04�pm
The Temptations: Minneapolis, May 15th!Bless You 1�1�5-17-04��11:40�am
PHYLLIS HYMANDon 63�1�5-17-04��11:23�am
TerryJohnson'sFlamingosDon 23�1�5-17-04��11:12�am
SPIN-OFF ACTSManny 39�1�5-17-04��9:30�am
Faith, Hope & CharityDavie Gordon 24�1�5-17-04��7:24�am
Kenny Gamble dvdmike 28�1�5-17-04��7:00�am
The Darrell Banks Memorial UpdateTony.C. 7�1�5-17-04��2:57�am
Timi Yuro deadChris 22�1�5-17-04��1:19�am
This is getting ridiculous! Another classic murdered!!!Juicefree20 28�1�5-17-04��12:29�am
Anti -Drug SongsSoul Sister 32�1�5-16-04��9:30�pm
Looking for the temptations performance.a fan of cornbread 1�1�5-16-04��7:48�pm
Charlie Rich.........Mark Speck 5�1�5-16-04��7:00�pm
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