10-12-2021 04:58 PM

Motown Museum Expansion Project Update REPOST

For some reason, the thread with the name "Update As Of Oct. 10 On Motown Museum Expansion Project" is not displaying. As of yet we cannot determine the reason why. So I am recreating the thread. The original poster is welcome recreate his post below. Keep calm, and carry on.
Yesterday 02:17 PM

Happy birthday soulful detroit

Hard to believe another year has passed and we are now twenty years old. Hard to believe all those years have passed and we just keep growing. I would like to thank all the members who have participated and contributed to this forum, making it a place of interest in all things relating to music, and more. Without you this place could not exist. Big props for Brother Lowell for keeping the lights on and dealing with the various technicalities that occur from time to time. Time for a new year and new members and conversations. Once again, thanks to all of you. This place is most definitely as good as its members.
Today 02:09 PM

Father and daughter walk up the aisle song ideas

Soon I have the immense pleasure of walking my daughter up the aisle at her wedding. She has requested that I come up with a suitable Motown song to play whilst we do the walking.

I'm so pleased that she has asked for a Motown song for this purpose but I've drawn a blank for a song that covers the essence of a father and daughter in this setting.

Can I please ask for your ideas.
Today 01:20 AM

Soul artists/bands that had a classic streak of album runs?

Which soul artist/bands do you feel had a brilliant streak of album runs? Here's a few that comes to mind.

Al Green: Al Green Gets Next To You - Explore Your Mind

Stevie Wonder: Music Of My Mind - Songs In The Key Of Life

Aretha Franklin: I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You - Young Gifted and Black

Gil Scott Heron: Pieces Of A Man - Bridges

Sly and The Family Stone: Dance To The Music - Fresh

What about you? I know there's many more but those were the names who came to mind...
10-14-2021 04:28 PM

What do you all think The Belle Album by Al Green?

I personally think it is an okay album at best, you could tell he was way past his peak at this point throughout his career. He has some nice tracks from that record such as Feels Like Summer but, the magic was gone

Now, is generally accepted that Al Greens peak was from 1971-1973 or 1974 [[depending on who you talk to). But just out of curiosity, what do you all think of The Belle album?
Yesterday 01:51 AM

Favorite Song Introductions

If this topic has already been discussed, I apologize. What are some of your favorite song introductions?

A few of mine are:
Still Water [[Love) - there's something about the way Levi says "walk with me"

Papa Was a Rolling Stone - such a masterpiece

Reflections- gotta love that beep, beep, beep and the explosion going from one speaker to the other


Ralph Terrana

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