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Kev-Lo (7273747576)
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Hi this is Kev-Lo well here are two funky bands that that gave us some music that had us dancing up a storm.

JOE QUARTERMAN AND FREE SOUL-Joe Quarterman's musical career began like many other Rhythm and Blues recording and performing artists,he sang in church choirs.Born in Washington D.C. and sang with a group in high school called the Knights.And adopted the name Sir Joe.In 1972 he hit the music seen with a funky and soulful cut called I GOT SO MUCH TROUBLE ON MY MIND a tune that had a lot of influence in troubling times that affected us and spoke of the bad times during the vietnam war

CHARLES WRIGHT AND THE WATTS 103rd RHYTHM BAND-Charles Wright was born in Clarksdale Mississippi he was one of 12 kids.Before he turned 12 he and his family moved to Los Angeles,He went to Manual Arts High School there.He lauched his own band Charles Wright and the wright sounds.He began playing at clubs in and around South Central and in Hollywood.He also played guitar in studios groups.Charles Wright and the watts 103rd street band struck big with two of the most funkiest cuts of them all.EXPRESS YOURSELF and DO YOUR THING was big on the soul and pop charts and was played quite often at parties everywhere.Yes these two funk icons were great and they had a powerful impact on funk music.
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Wonder B (wonder_b)
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Yes Kev-Lo the Sir Joe Quarterman LP on GSF is very hard to find these days. Hopefulkly it has been reissued either on vinyl or CD and there is even a CD compilation that adds to that the Mercury sides he did later on... very good stuff. I must say I was lucky to buy my original copy (sealed too!) at a time when nobody was giving a damn about those old funksters...

Sames goes for Charles Wright... I met him in an L.A record shop by the way (THe Record Store on La Cienega for those in the know!) and he is still active. The Express Your self and In The Jungle albums are absolute funk classics...

Here are two great albums by the man :



Wonder B
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kevin quinn (kevin_quinn)
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Posted on Monday, September 27, 2004 - 9:15 am: ��Edit PostDelete Post���Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Always dug "Loveland" by Charles Wright also.

If you ever saw the movie "Disco Nights" from the late 90's starring Mark Wahlberg, there was an interesting use of "Do Your Thing" in it. Best of all, the whole song was played in its entirety in one critical scene. Usually, you just hear a snippest of a tune in a movie but this time it was different and well choreoghraphed over an entire cut.

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