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Top of pageBottom of page   By John Lester ( - on Sunday, March 10, 2002 - 10:47 am:

Hey guys....I am not sure if you know about these new releases in the UK but Jim Stewart posted the track listings a couple of weeks back and I am not sure that everyone has seen them.

There are some more titles but I am not sure if they have been confirmed. As the song goes...."Good Things Come To Those That Wait".

Save up your pennies!! £5.50 is about $8


Whatcha Gonna Do � Terry Johnson: Jamie � Eddie Holland: A Little Bit For Sandy � Paul Petersen: Cheatin� Is Telling On You � Lollipops: Crying In The Night � Monitors : I Miss You Baby � Marv Johnson: Cos You Know Me � Rick Robin and Him: I Got A Feeling � Barbara Randolph: Suzie � Terry Johnson: You Need Me � Lewis Sisters : Can�t Stop Looking For My Baby � Fantastic 4 : Sweeter As The Days Go By � Marvin Gaye: Now Is The Time For Love � Marvelettes : It�s Been A Long, Long Time � The Elgins : It�s Growing � Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers: Steal Away Tonight � Barbara McNair: Hungry For Love � San Remo Strings: I Like Everything About You � Chuck Jackson: Never Say No To Your Baby � Hit Pack: Day By Day Or Never � Chris Clark.

Everything�s Coming Up Love: My Whole World Ended(The Moment You Left Me). No Matter Where: On and Off: Rode By The Place (Where We Used To Stay): The Double Cross: What You Gave Me: I Let Love Slip Away: The Letter: I Don�t Know Why I Love You: Roving Kind: I�m Just A Mortal Man. We�ll Have a Good Thing Going On: I�ve Lost Everything I�ve Ever Loved: I Can�t Stop The Rain: Questions. Discover Me: Dinah:

Can I: Just Memories: Keep On Truckin�: Honey Brown: Boogie Down: Happy: He�s A Friend: This Used To Be The Home Of Johnny Mae: I�ve Got To Be: Body Talk: Chains: Never Gonna Leave You: I Won�t Take No: On The Way Home: A Part Of Me: The Sweeter You Treat Her: Skeleton In Your Closet: The Newness is Gone:

Baby I�m For Real: You�re The One: The Bells: I�ll Wait For You: I�m Someone Who Cares: We Can Make It Baby: God Bless Whoever Sent You: I Like Your Style: Don�t Stop Now: Good Lovin� Is Just A Dime Away: Lie No.2: Come Rain Or Shine: We Got A Way Out Love: Ooh, I Got A Crush On You: It Could Never Happen: I�ve Never Begged Before: Don�t Turn The Lights Off: The Only Time You Love Me:

Overture: Ain�t Nobody Straight in L.A: Love Machine: Don�t Let It End(Til You Let It Begin): Give Me Just Another Day: Do It Baby: Don�t Cha Love It: City Of Angels: Free Press: Night Life: My Name Is Michael: Poor Charlotte: Waldo Roderick DeHammersmith: SMOG: What Is A Good Heart For: Gemini: Take It All: Love To Make Love: You Need A Miracle:

You Got The Love I Need: You Make Your Own Heaven & Hell Right Here On Earth: Papa Was A Rollin� Stone: Girl You�re Alright: Mama, I Gotta Brand New Thing(Don�t Say No): Law Of The Land: I�m A Fool For You: Spaced Out: Higher Than High: Boogie Bump Boogie: Save My Love For A Rainy Day: Smiling Faces Sometimes: What It Is: Help Yourself: What�s Going On: Lil� Red Riding Hood: UFO�s: Got To Get My Hands On Some Lovin�: Let�s Go Back To Day One: Gonna Keep Tryin� Till I Win Your Love:

ALLNIGHTER 3 � UK/Goldmine � stock�.. £8.50
I Have A Girl � Magnetics: The Wrong Side Of Town � Four Vandals: Nothing�s Too Good For My Baby - Springers: Think It Over Baby � Groovettes with Bob Reed Orchestra: Soul Sound � Jokers: This Feelin� I Have � Jimmy Gresham; You Hurt Me- Bobby Lee Timberlake: Wherever You Were - Bud Harper: I�m On My Way � Barbara Dane: Have Love will travel � Gallahads with The Counts: I�ve got a claim on you � Betty Everett: Is she In Your Town � Curtis Lee: Song Of A Woman � Gracie Dumas: One Picture�s Worth A Thousand Words � Four Vandals: Walking In The City � Barons: The Right Direction � Gerri Jackson & Herman Lewis: Cry Myself To Sleep � Rheta Hughes: Love Lets Try Again � Magicians: Under The Street Lamp � Exits: Tell It To My Face � Bobby Williams: I Love You Like I Do � Parakets: Hung Up In Mid-Air � David Rhodes: I Play For Keeps � Dianne Lewis: Little Love Affair � Patrinell Staten:

Somebody Tell Her (2 versions) � Imperial Cs: This Gets To Me � Pookie Hudson: Girl Across The Street; Try My Love - Moses Smith: Put A Dime On � Rotations: Ladies Man � Volcanoes: Jokes On � Kenny Gamble: Ain�t That Just Like A Woman; Never Say Goodbye � Douglas Banks: Standing In The Darkness � Ethnics: Girl I Love You � Temptones: Who You Gonna Turn To; I Can Give You Love � Benny Sigler: I Want My Baby Back � Tyrone Ashley: Linda � Big Dee Irwin: 5 Miles � Royal Five:

Top of pageBottom of page   By Ritchie Hardin ( - on Sunday, March 10, 2002 - 11:38 am:


A tasty bunch of discs if ever I saw one! Now to spoil it... One little query from this particular thorn in your side:

Any specific reason why two tracks on "Big Hits &.." (Eddie H and Barbara R) are repeated from earlier volumes (2 and 1 respectively)????

Another query - any more news on the "Treasures" CD that we're not supposed to know about, or the previously-discussed GW/Ric Tic collection?

Top of pageBottom of page   By Ritchie ( - on Sunday, March 10, 2002 - 11:43 am:

Oh, and John...

Would Paul Peterson's "...Sandy" be that stereo version from Australia? (wink wink)

Top of pageBottom of page   By John Lester ( - on Sunday, March 10, 2002 - 12:37 pm:

I am only the carrier of news!!!!! No news on the treasures cd....and the ric tic collections.........YET.

And as for Paul Peterson....David - will you hit him for me!!! LOLOL

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