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Miki has played dates around L.A....at times wowing audiences and other times having people walk out. It seems that she has a tendency to "indulge" in alcohol or some mind & body altering substances at times....

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Wicked ...That is so so true. I saw her in Dec 2002 at a club hear in Philly and she opened up for Ali Woodson. The sound in the club was bad and she performed to a track or instrumentals. Her voice was good but her songs are in the original key and her voice isn't. She can still riff but she was off. She was so "indulged" that she said "her track changed keys on her"...Me and my friend were laughing our asses off when she said that but it was a shame. She actually stopped singing one song cause she thought the sound was bad and it wasn't the same mic she sound checked with. It was really bad...

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Miki is a native Chicagoian from the Westside. She had attended Westinghouse HS that my half-sister attended in the same grade and year too. She was brought up in the church and raised on gospel music. I know a woman to whom she is Godmother to her son. Anyway, I have her last 3-4 releases on Atlantic Records, because it was big talk goin round that she got a contract with Atlantic which was great, and everyone was happy for her. I remember a few songs she recorded we're "Come Back To Me Lover", "Imaginaation" ( that back in the day BET played the video on a heavy rotation regularly), EWF's "Reasons" and her biggest seller "Love Under New Management". And for some strange and very bizzare change of events, she signed with Giant Records. I don't know what became of her GiantCD I had on her, I thought it was a very good product I thought to say the least. During this time I might add that Giant like SBK we're some strong and up and coming labels at that time during the early 90'S. I heard she was going to release an second release (due to poor vocal quality) though nothing transpired. Then her relationship with Giant soured. I don't want to get into negativity I felt her actions we're un-called for. Giant did release an final CD on her singing Billie Holiday material (can you all catch my drift?). Misses Howard did go on to do a musical on Billie Holiday. And there on she has appeared in many stageplays around the country. One movie I do vividly recall her appearing in was Poetic Justice starring Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur as one of the solonists hairdresser, where two women get into an arguement over a man that the two we're dating, Mrs. Howard's character said something to the effect "She needs to get her a--kicked." A few years ago I happened to be at a Musicland/Sam Goodes store I was happen to be glancing in the cassette selections, and I happen to at the tape, and it says 'Miki Howard Live'. It was on a small independent label out of Philly and/or Chi-Town, I think the label was on a Philly label. Anyway, I passed over it.

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Miki Howard also played Billie Holiday in the film "Malcolm X" (1992), one year before Giant released her tribute CD to Lady Day.

Her first CD on Giant, "Femme Fatale" (1992) was somewhat decent but scattered. It started with two torch songs (which sounded excellent) then shifted into the R&B fare of the day.

I do enjoy her version of "Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)" (1990) - which WRKS-FM & WBLS-FM played to death here in NYC. I still have the promo 45 of "Come Share My Love" which I will not part with for the world!

Kevin Goins - KevGo

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