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Top of pageBottom of page   By tony marshall ( on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 04:58 pm:

Hi,Im Tony and like Richard felstead. i am fairly new to your great forum, and not having a brilliant knowledge of American States was wondering if any of you fine people could help me in tracing some music from the lady in questions family,

i am looking for music from Evelyns early days and her father Erik.
i do know that she was born in in 1960 in East Bronx section of new york, and Erik used to be a R& B Singer with the Harptones, and also Orioles (any chance of me tracking any music from them groups)

her early years consists of singing in a band called Volume one (anyone know where i can get recordings of this band)

her parents worked at Sigma sound when they moved to Philly when she was younger,
not brilliant jobs, but were in the right place at the right time (mum -- cleaner/receptionist. dad..maintenance)

dad used to send tapes to Kenny gamble but he turned them down as he thought she was too young.
anyway as far as i know she went to work with her mum one evening and she was singing the song 'Achange is gonna Come'' by Sam Cooke, and she was heard by T.Theodore Life, a member of the production team, he helped her on her way to stardom.

sorry i drifted off the subject a bit there, so my question to you is can anybody help me with the searching out of the Orioles,Harptones or Volume one..

keep it soulful,

tony M

Top of pageBottom of page   By Pogo ( on Thursday, April 01, 2004 - 12:15 am:

Try the following for info on the Orioles & Harptones:
Marv Goldberg is great at that stuff and will help you if he is able.

Top of pageBottom of page   By tony marshall ( on Friday, April 02, 2004 - 03:48 pm:

appreciate your help Pogo, will look it up.

keep it soulful,


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