Top of pageBottom of page   By ISAIAH ( on Sunday, March 21, 2004 - 06:37 am:

First, let me be the one million and first person to praise your monumental effort to bring exposure to the legendary musicians who created the Motown sound... Without yourself, and Paul Justman, these men would not have received the long overdue public adulation and recognition they have richly deserved for so long... An esteemed family member always told me that what one does in the dark will always come to the light, and nothing proves this more than the Funk Brothers elevation out of the snakepit of anonymity...

But, unfortunately, it is said that no good deed shall go unpunished, and with the departure of Joe Messina, and the emminent departure of Jack Ashford looming on the horizon, it appears the Funk Brothers run in the sun may be coming to an end in the next few years, or so... My questions are as follows...

Will you continue to use the name of the Funk Brothers with a touring band that includes no original Funk Brothers?

Will you introduce the public to your own, Dr. Licks, original musical compositions?

Do you know of any other projects afoot to recapture the studio sounds, and re-unite the musicians, of other outstanding house bands, such as the Chess Records studio musicians, the Love Unlimited Orchestra, etc.?

Lastly, as a Philadelphian, would you consider a joint attempt with Bobby Eli to re-unite the living musicians of MFSB, and recapture the sound of that great city and it's renowned label???


Top of pageBottom of page   By ~medusa~ ( on Sunday, March 21, 2004 - 11:17 am:

My question is,
What/Who gave you the idea to bring the FB's back 2 life? What was the first idea, the first thought?
I appreciate what you've done, and I know I'm only one in a million thanking you, but it was a great job, and the Funks are still wonderful.

Top of pageBottom of page   By Paul Elliott ( on Sunday, March 21, 2004 - 11:52 pm:

I hope I'm not posting out of turn here, but my understanding is that the Funk Brothers own the rights to their name, and that Allan and Sandy have a contract to manage the Funks. I assume that it will be up to the Funk Brothers themselves to decide how the name will be used.

Paul Elliott

Top of pageBottom of page   By Fred ( on Monday, March 22, 2004 - 09:28 am:

Paul's understanding on both points is correct.

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